Casagrande 1350 bored-pile grab (for rental or sale)

Liebherr 30t free fall winches for HS883 (for sale)

Dragline Bucket (for rental or sale)

Different bored-pile equipments and casings (for rental only)

Brand Model Type Capacity Boom Year Remarks Download
KS VacuPower 600 Glass Lifter 300kg/450kg/600kg 2018
Sennebogen 6130HD Heavy Duty 130t 30m 2016 35t free fall winch with hydraulic output for oscillator
Sennebogen 683R Telescopic Crawler 80t 42m with 10m fly jib 2014
Sennebogen 643R Telescopic Crawler 40t 30m 2014
Sennebogen 613R Telescopic Crawler 16t 18.8m 2016
Sennebogen 2200E Lifting Crawler 80t 36m 2014
XCMG QUY80E Lifting Crawler 80t 42m 2014
XCMG QUY260 Lifting Crawler 260t 60m 2009
Junttan HHK18A with 20BCU power pack Hydraulic Impact Hammer 18t 1999
Wirth B28 (3m dia) RCD 2000
Hoeflon C6 Spider Crane 3.15t 9.25m (main), 13.7(with fly jib) 2016
Hoeflon C10 Spider Crane 4t 13.7m (main), 19.8m (with fly jib) 2017
Kegiom 350E4Plus Pick and Carry 2t 7m 2017
KS KS1400 Glass Manipulator 1400kg 2016
KS Robot Lift 250/7 Glass Lifter 250kg 7.5m height 2018