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Robinson Equipment

Wienold LIFTE – a family owned company with more than 30 years of lifting platform experience. Located in the North-West of Germany, we supply our local manufactured glass and material lifts worldwide.

Wienold LIFTE develops and manufactures its own glass and material lifts, such as the Wienold Superlift with counterweights SLK, the Wienold Lift Universal Premium WLU-P and our most powerful model with electric mast drive, the GML 800+ glass and assembly lift, which has a payload of up to 900 kg. In addition, it comes with three mast drive components and reliably supplies energy for electrical attachments.

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Robinson Equipment is the sole agent of Wienold Lifte in Hong Kong SAR and Macau. For any enquiry of Wienold Lifte product, please feel free to Contact Us.