Used Machines

The used machines shown below are all subject to prior sale. Please Contact Us for any enquiry.

Foundation Equipments

Heavy Duty Crane

Brand Model YOM Boom Winch Engine
Sennebogen 690HD 2010 29m 2x25t 447kW
Sennebogen 690HD 2013 29m 2x25t 447kW
Liebherr HS853 (with hydraulic for oscillator) 1996 29m 2x20t 330kW
Linkbelt FMC LS528S 1980 33m    


Brand Model Power Pack YOM
Leffer VRM2000 Without 1998
Leffer VRM2500 Without 1998
Leffer VRM3000 Without 1999
Casagrande GCP1500 With 1997
Casagrande GCP2000HD With 1998
Casagrande GCP2500 With 1997


Brand Model Power Pack YOM
Leffer RDM-M3000/740 With 1998

Reverse Circulation Drill

Brand Model Power Pack YOM
Wirth B-18 With 1999
Buma BM-C200 With 2004


Brand Model YOM
PTC 25 1994
PTC 30 1996
ICE 415 1995
ICE 815 1994

Hydraulic Hammer

Brand Model YOM
Junttan HHK-12A 1997
Junttan HHK-16A 1998
Junttan HHK-18A (20BCU) 1999
Junttan HHK-12 (15BCU, 1.2m stroke) 1995
Junttan HHK-16S (15CCU, 1.5m stroke) 2010

Pile Driver

Brand Model Leader YOM
IHI IPD-100 30m 1991
Nissha DHP80 24m 1989
Kobelco 100P 27m 1983
Kobelco 110P 30m 1985
Hitachi PD-100 30m 1995
Nissha DHP70 24m 1991

Service Crane

Brand Model Lifting Capacity Boom YOM Remarks
Kobelco 7055 55t 51m 1995 with 38m jib, 4 hooks
Kobelco 7065 65t 45m 1994 N/A
Kobelco 7080 80t 57m 1996 with 21m fly jib, 35m tower jib
Kobelco 7090 90t 40m 2007 with 3rd drum, 4 hooks
Kobelco 7120 120t 79m 2007 Full-Full
Kobelco 7150 150t 82m 1990 with 46m tower jib
Kobelco 7200 200t 87m 1999 with 30m jib, 5 hooks
Kobelco CKE800 80t 42m 2005 4 hooks
Kobelco CKE1350 135t 61m 2009 with 30m jib, 3 hooks
IHI DCH800 80t 40m 1993 N/A
IHI CCH800 80t 40m 1993 N/A
Sumitomo SC500-2 50t 43m 1995 15m jib
Sumitomo SCX1200 120t 64m 2004 4 hooks
Sumitomo SC1200 120t 61m 2002 with 24m fly jib, 44m tower jib, 4 hooks
Hitachi KH150 35t 30m 1979 N/A
Hitachi KH180-2 50t 30m 1986 N/A
Hitachi KH180-3 50t 30m 1990 N/A
Hitachi CX2000 200t 78m 1999 with 52m tower jib, 5 hooks, aux. jib
Sennebogen 2200 80t 31m 2011 with aux. jib
Sennebogen  2200E 80t 31m 2013 with aux. jib
Sennebogen  613R 16t 18.8m 2014 (we have also 2 units brand new)
Sennebogen 643R 40t 30m 2014  
Sennebogen  683R 80t 42m 2014 / 2016  

Used Winch

Brand Model Qth Remarks
Liebherr HS883 30ton free fall winches 1 nos. with gearbox, good working condition, welcome to inspect