• Lifting Capacity : 3150kg
  • Hoisting height : 11.5m (main boom), 15.8m (fly jib)
  • Drive : Yanmar engine / 3 phase power

Powerful all-rounder spider crane

 Multifunctional, robust and very simple operation – that’s the C6 compact crane in a nutshell. It’s a best seller in the mini crane category. This crane is ideal for placing glass and accurately positioning steel beams.

It is the only compact crane which can lift more than its own weight. This makes it possible for one crane to lower another into an underground space.


C6e - Fully electric

The C6 is now also fully electric. With a 60% duty cycle you can run for eight hours with the crane. The crane is recharged in five hours. Charging and working at the same time is possible. The electric version does not lose any speed compared to the diesel version, it is even a bit smoother.

The used battery cell is LiFePO4. This composition has many advantages. Especially the safety compared to other Li-ion batteries. The LiFePO4 battery cells cannot ignite or explode during charging / discharging. The battery has a long lifespan and can often be discharged and recharged with minimal performance reduction. This composition is environmentally friendly because it contains no toxic heavy metals. The cell can be exposed to high temperatures.

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